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Kids Martial Arts Special

A Fun, Safe, and Structured program for your child that teaches confidence, control, and respect.


We are launching Phase 1 of our new “learning-camp” and virtual school facilitation program. This is perfect for students not going back to face-to-face for students that are participating in either OCPS Virtual School, Florida Virtual School, or OCPS LaunchED.

This is a way for your student to participate in an OCPS or FLVS school program, in a small group setting and a positive environment with other students, friends, and family!  We’ve developed 2 programs to choose from based on your virtual schooling choice.  We want to bring our families the flexibility to be able to return to work and give your child a positive, safe, small-group setting, and mentally and emotionally stimulating environment.


Based on your selection of virtual schooling, your child may be dropped off at CBP Martial Arts Academy as early as 7:45 am.  Students will have monitored schooling during the hours that are designated within their selected virtual school programs.  We have a selection Capoeira classes and activities from 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm. These classes are the same classes offered in the evening, but with an early afternoon time frame to fit your schooling schedule.  Parent pickup time is at 3pm unless you choose to enroll your child in our extended care Capoeira After School program (pickup time extended until 6:15pm).

Students will be broken into groups of 6 or fewer students.  Groups will be monitored by a facilitator who is responsible for making sure that students stay on task, help with school questions or work, and also help the students to follow our social distancing guidelines and procedures.

All students registered for virtual school will have the option for extended care until 6:15 pm M-F at a reduced rate of $65 (reg: $85).


– OCPS Virtual School/Florida Virtual School –
Students enrolled in this program will have self-guided schooling from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm.  Students and parents are fully responsible for completing all assignments and turning work into the OCPS Virtual School and Florida Virtual School programs without the assistance of CBP Martial Arts Academy. We are there to provided care and assistance to these students but we will make every effort to ensure that your child completes all their requirements but it is ultimately the student/parent’s responsibility.
Students enrolled in this program will be able to participate in enrichment activities such as Capoeira class, acrobatics, music, fitness activities, and more. Students who need more time for their school work may continue their school work after lunchtime and may then join in the enrichment activities. As students will be completed with school by 12:30 pm, we wanted to give them the option to take early afternoon Capoeira classes.

-OCPS LaunchED-
Students enrolled in this program will have OCPS Teacher Lead Virtual schooling from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and will follow the school below.  Our facilitators will be on hand to assist with questions and make sure these students stay on task. We are there to provided care and assistance to facilitate these students.  Students and parents are fully responsible for completing all assignments and turning work into their LaunchED platform. We are there to provided care and assistance to these students but we will make every effort to ensure that your child complete all their requirements but it is ultimately the student/parent’s responsibility
Due to this program following the OCPS bell schedule for the school that your student is registered in, we are not able to offer early afternoon enrichment activities for these students.

Attend a Home School Program not associated with those above?
Students who are already homeschooled and wish to attend CBP during the day may do so following the program OCPS Virtual/Florida Virtual Flex Program above.


This is Phase 1 of our virtual school “Learning-Camp” style program. This program will continue to evolve and make necessary improvements as deemed necessary. As this school year is uncharted territory for everyone involved, please know that we are making every effort to support the enrichment and growth of our youth!
We hope that we are able to provide you some relief in knowing that your child is attending a small, safe, and positive environment.  We want all of our students to have the opportunity to be with friends and family while continuing to learn and grow.


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After School Enrichment!

Our After School Capoeira Martial Arts is the best way for your child to release extra energy in a safe, fun, and constructive way. Children have fun learning the unique martial art of Capoeira with all the great kicks and techniques found in martial arts, but with the added bonus of learning kid friendly acrobatics. All this while developing self-confidence & self-control all in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment!

Check out this short video to see what our After School Capoeira is like!