3 Ways to Build Your Child’s Perseverance!

3 Ways to Build Your Child’s Perseverance!

At CBP Martial Arts Academy we shift your child’s paradigm and how they view failure from a negative thing to looking it as an opportunity to get challenged and get better.

Here are three simple tips that we use to coach at CBP that you can use at home:

1. Pre-frame and relate! Tell your kids a story of when you tried something new and you weren’t good at first or that you failed. Let them know how it felt. Then tell them how you didn’t give up and eventually succeeded. Let them know about that feeling of not giving up and seeing that all those times you didn’t get it right lead to you reaching your goal and being better stronger for it.

2. Creating a rule! Use phrases as a rule to help remind them of how we as a family approach things that are hard and failure in general. One we use is “Failure is Learning and growing stronger!” Or another “Failure is just a Challenge to get Better!” Always remind them before, during and after having your child work on something new and challenging for them at first.

3. Use a celebrity or someone else they care about that has failed many times but went on to great things and used that failure to shape and mold them to be better. It can be a family member, a pro athlete, a businessman, an actor, etc… Combined with your story this lets your child know that everyone has the same feelings about failing at something and how you look at failure an either make you stronger or weaker.

Bonus Tip!!!
Make sure to let your kids know that things are supposed to be hard at time and when things are hard we look at it as a challenge to be better.

We would Love to hear about how you coach your kids about failure and never giving up! Just comment below 🙂   Have a fantastic day!


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