Testimonials - Capoeira Brazilian Pelourinho


From a Mom & Dad

“When we came to Capoeira Brazilian Pelourinho we were looking for a sport for Lucas that not only he would enjoy, but also that our entire family would enjoy. We have always known about Capoeira and jumped at the opportunity when we saw the sign posted at Lucas’ school. We called that same day and spoke to Mestre Lazaro: “come check it out!” he said, and so we did. From the first moment we walked through the academy we felt we were treated like family. Having taken Capoeira for only two weeks, Lucas was invited to participate in the kids competition; it made him so happy to be able to participate! That’s when we knew we were in the right place. The competition was not about finishing in first place, it was about participating and believing in yourself. CBP has become such a big part of our family, it has filled that void left by living far away from our family. We love you Genie and Mestre Lazaro, and all the values that you guys represent: believing in yourself, discipline, and respect. CBP is family.”

– Vanessa Vazquez & Joshua Toro (Lucas & Baby J’s Mom & Dad)

From a Mother

When a friend of mine, another parent, first recommended Capoeira, I must admit, I had never heard of it before. However, the unique combination of dance, martial arts, and acrobatics sounded intriguing. We researched it online, and before long, my husband and I had enrolled our son Andrew into a number trial classes to check it out. And this was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Andrew’s instructor, Jessica, runs the class with a perfect blend of firmness, positive reinforcement, and respect. And she instills these same values in her students. Capoeira is more than just acrobatics and athleticism, it’s a culture; a uniquely positive and inspiring culture with a history as meaningful as the physical movements themselves. As parents, we highly recommend the classes offered at CBP Martial Arts Academy Orlando. They have exceeded every expectation we could have had.

– Dorothy, Peter and Andrew Raymundo

From a Mother

“I first saw Capoeira being played at a park in Chicago back in 1995. I felt right at home while the Capoeristas played to the rhythm of drums and songs. Even though I felt so connected to this art form, I was also very intimidated by it, and for a while I actually convinced myself that I was too old to do all those head stands, hand stands, back flips, and “crazy acrobatics.” It wasn’t until about four months ago that I gathered the courage to introduce my son to Capoeira. I had a feeling that he was going to be “blown away” by it, and possibly I was going to feel the urge to participate in some shape or form. Well, I was right, my son adores Capoeira, and I, as I suspected, decided to join the mother’s class three months later. Capoeira music, and songs make us feel right at home. Being from Puerto Rico and the British Virgin Islands, we share a similar history with Brazil. The slaves that were brought to our Islands played similar rhythms, and had similar dances and songs. At Capoeira Brazilian Pelourinho Academy the vibes are friendly, welcoming, encouraging, and contagious. We are always encouraged to believe in ourselves and our bodies, to be strong, to be considerate of self and others, to be respectful, to be helpful, and to always do our best. Practicing Capoeira has been a lesson in believing in myself, and honoring my mind, body, soul, and history. It is a wonderful experience to do Capoeira with my son, to receive his encouragement and direction, and to share a common passion with him. My son encourages me to focus in class and to not give up. Mestre Lazaro, and all other instructors at the academy, have been key to us feeling like we belong, and giving us the confidence required to even consider Capoeira as part of our lives.”

– Michelle Lloyd (Ura’s Mom)

From a Student

“I saw kids from 2 to 66 years old. No gender discrimination. There is no age to start (I started at 39! After 3 kids and a life with very little yoga and world gym classes). The Mestre is one of a kind. His attention is individualized to every student. Every class is almost like a private class. You learn that wonderful art as well as the Brazilian culture without skipping the self respect of a martial art, and playing African rhythms and instruments. You improve cardio, flexibility, strength, acrobatics, and self
esteem. To try it is to join it.”

– Elain via ParentsConnect Reviews

From an Adult Student

“CBP has the level of quality that all serious martial arts academies should strive for. Mestre Lazaro Santos is the only true Mestre (Master) in the Central Florida area. His passion for Capoeira and the sense of family he has built at his academy is unmatched. The core group of loyal students are just that – a chosen family. They support each other, train together, and have good clean fun – they demonstrate true camaraderie. There are classes for all levels and age groups Monday through Saturday. The classes are very affordable for the level of instruction and time provided. The instruction includes the movements, history & culture, music, and acrobatics. The opportunity to apply the training during Roda truly gives the students a full learning experience.”

– Anonymous via Google Reviews

From a Student

“I’ve been training with Mestre Lazaro as a student since 2008. When I started Capoeira, I went in with no martial arts training or knowledge whatsoever, and I was not physically active. After only a few months, they had me doing things I had only dreamed about doing. In just a short amount of time I had learned to do powerful kicks, flips, and my strength/endurance improved immensely.

The short term effects of Capoeira can transform your body if you stick with it. The workouts are intense, but they pay off. I started with zero muscle definition, but after a few months of Capoeira I was in the best shape of my life.

Here I am almost 6 years later and I can now reflect on the long-term benefits of the martial art. The instructors I’ve learned from, and especially Mestre Lazaro, have a way of instilling confidence within
yourself. Becoming confident in your physical abilities while practicing a martial art has a way of carrying over into other parts of your life.

If you’re looking to get into shape physically, Capoeira is one of the best things I could recommend. The fact that you are training with a group makes it much easier to commit to coming back week after week, and being with a group allows you to push yourself further than you can individually. The group is friendly, diverse, and made up of some great people.

In terms of a physical workout, this isn’t like running or going to the gym – Capoeira works out your whole body, and especially your core, in many different ways. Most importantly, it’s exciting, which makes it really easy to get motivated to train. I’ve built strength, flexibility, stamina, confidence, and perseverance through Capoeira. All of these things were within me all along, Mestre Lazaro just helped me to unlock my true inner strength.”

-David Miller

From an Adult Student

“I’ve started training with Mestre Lazaro in 1995. He truly has changed my life. Yes. I learned martial arts and have myself attained the level of instructor and gained the privilege and honor of being able to teach people myself. I have also been so fortunate as to travel the world as a performance artist using nothing more than that which I learned under the training and tutelage of Mestre Lazaro. Also, after suffering a grievous injury, Mestre Lazaro personally took the time to rehabilitate me and get me walking correctly again. More-over, I have learned from him and through his teachings in and outside of the academy to always do my best to be the best person I can be… to always care for others and seek to make this world a better place through our own actions. I honestly cannot say enough about the man or the academy which became and has remained a family to me, or the art form which has so enriched my and the life of so many others world wide. If you want a positive life altering experience, come check out Mestre Lazaro’s Capoeira Brazilian Pelourinho, and be welcomed to the family!”

-Craig Raboteau