Batizado 2012 Recap

The Batizado this year was nothing short of awesome. We held the event at Nickelodeon Suites Resort, and we fit right in due to our bold, orange uniforms! The morning started when we took over the lobby creating a small Roda for everyone, spectators included, to enjoy.

The year of everyone’s training and hard work really paid off because everyone did outstanding! Our group of Capoeira Moms opened the event by putting on an nice skit with a great underlining message that Capoeira is for everyone. Then, the kids blew everyone away with their Maculele and Capoeira routine. Following the kids, the adults did Maculele and surprisingly all the Mens’ grass skirts stayed on this year for the first time in 2 years!

We had a few big surprises too! First, our very own Paraiba became Professora Paraiba! A huge congratulations goes out to her! Second, our group Capoeira Brazilian Pelourinho is now officially part of our Grand Master’s group in Brazil! We are Capoeira Brazilian Pelourinho da Topazio!

We sincerely hope everyone in attendance enjoyed themselves because I know we did! CBP students, train hard because Batizado 2013 is only 11 months away!

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