Countdown to Batizado 2012

With just a little more than three weeks before the Batizado, and one week before the test, everyone is working extra hard. The kids are learning and practicing the Maculele choreography and getting some extra time in the Roda.

The adults have been working hard and looking forward to this Saturday’s workshop with Mestre Mangueira. It’s not to be missed! It is $15 at 7:00 PM this Saturday folks!

Last, but definitely not least, we have the Mom’s class! These Mom’s are the bomb! The class started a little more than 6 months ago – every Friday from 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM. Having class only once a week wasn’t enough for them anymore! They too are also preparing for the Batizado, so they went to Mestre Lazaro and said “we want more Capoeira!” Now the Mom’s are training an extra day on Wednesdays. Not only do they take the Mom’s class, some take the beginner class, the regular adult class, and you’ll often find a few training over to the side together while their kids are in class. Like I said before, these Moms are the bomb!

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