May 2015 Events & Updates

Congratulations to everyone who participated in “Capoeira Zumbi,” the 1stEver-12hr-Overnight-SuperFun-ReallyAwesome-Sleepless-LetsDoItAgain-ButInAnotherYear Capoeira Class!  It was a blast; thank you for being part of it!

Oh Yeah! And check out the latest video right HERE of YOU and YOUR academy. Thank you Bent Vision Productions for your work; it’s amazing!

Schedule Updates

May 1st:  No 6pm & 7pm adult class – Adult Test
May 2nd:  No 2pm class – Kids Test
May 6th & 27th:  Kids Demo Class @ 4:30pm
May 7th:  Mother’s Day Class – 6pm
May 30th: Show / Roda @ Millennia Mall (NEW: see below for details)
May 31st:  Capoeira Roda – Lake Eola @ 2pm Cancelled (Roda / High Cord Class)

Graduation Pre-Test

This years pre-tests for the annual “batizado” (capoeira graduation ceremony when students test for the next rank know as a “cordel” ) is this week!  Click here for all the details!  This is something for all students!
Adults:  May 1st starting @ 6pm
Kids: May 2nd @ 10:30am – 3:30pm (children can be dropped off for the day…please pack a lunch)
Test Fee:  $25 before day of test.

Mother’s Day

In honor of Mother’s Day we will have a special class for Mothers (no experience necessary) and there children.  It will be an extra special 6pm class next Thursday for kids to do class with their moms!

Thursday, May 7th @ 6pm!
Moms: if you have never done capoeira this is the perfect chance to experience a class with your child! Just wear comfortable gym-like clothes. It’s going to fun!

Summer Camp!

Don’t miss out on our early bird special where you can save $20 per week!  Only a few spots left at this discounted pricing!  

Click here for all the info:

Adult High-Cord Class

Attention Blue-Yellow cords and up:  Mestre will be holding Maculele practice on the 1st and last Wednesday of each month at 9pm starting in May.

May 2015
Wednesday, May 6th – 7:00pm (academy)
Wednesday, May 27th – 7:00pm (academy)*
Sunday, May 31st – 12pm (Lake Eola) followed by open roda @ 2pm. Cancelled (replaced with class the previous Wednesday at 7:00pm above)
* May’s high cord class was originally schedule before the Roda on May 31st.  It has been moved to the Wednesday before.  Sorry for the change and thank you for understanding!

June 2015
Saturday, June 20th – 2pm at the academy.

Show & Roda Update

Saturday May 30th
What: Kids Demo Team & roda for kids & adults
Where: Macy’s Kids dept. (2nd fl) @ Mall of Millennia.
Time: 1:45pm kids demo team performs followed by adult demo and roda.

Just a few FYI’s

  1. Facebook Groups: we have a couple groups where we post updates, pictures, event info, etc. If your not a member you can join below
    1. Everyone:
    2. Parents: We have a “closed group” where we post info especially for you with updates and more that pertain to you and your kids. If you are not already a member you click here to join and I will approve your request.


Thank you for reading!  Have an awesome day!

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