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Summer 2012 Recap

The summer flew by and the school year is back in full swing! We have our CBP After School program in full effect. We are currently picking up from schools in the Dr. Phillips area, Metro West, as well as some down John Young Pkwy. We still have spots open in the van as well as additional schools to add to the route! So give us a shout if you are interested!

So let’s talk about that summer that flew by so fast…

School may have been out but the kids were still working hard! Our CBP Kids Demo Team worked together to put on an amazing show at Disney! They worked many days each week throughout the whole summer and did a fantastic job! They all should very proud of themselves, I know we are!

The adults made it out to Disney too, performing at a few different privately hosted conventions.

Then in the middle of July, some of us said “enough is enough…we need a vacation!” 11 of us from the adult class caught the next flight to Puerto Rico and said hasta luego Orlando! It turned out to be a short, but never the less awesome, weekend getaway with some awesome people! CBP loves Puerto Rico!

CBP Summer Camp hosted its own Summer Olympic Games! From the most amount of jumping jacks in 30 seconds, to handstand contests, and everything in between. The kids were all Gold medalists for sure! We also took some field trips with the summer camp and Downtown Disney was for sure one of them!

We made it out to Zellwood, FL to teach a two part work shop at a summer camp full of amazing kids full of energy to learn some Capoeira!

The adults have been working hard! Lots training and sweat…maybe they are preparing for something, perhaps the Batizado?

So as the summer ends and school begins you know what that means…Batizado time!

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